May & Kris - The Wind Won't Stop Us!

Lake Abraham Engagement

The Cakewalk Team was super lucky to have a bride and groom that have a sense of adventure and 2 wonderful dogs! May & Kris effortless smile and positive attitude made it so easy to see why they are meant for each other. With all the driving, the road closures and the hectic schedule all of us lucked out and had beautiful day on Lake Abraham.

Lia & Paul - Laughing Out Loud

A truly a magical day, that broke all the rules and made for the most exciting, energetic and full of life weddings that Cakewalk Media has ever been a part of. One for the ages! Thank You Lia & Paul Mascone for making our team truly feel a part of the family! Enjoy the same day edit video above and the sneak peek below. Many many more to come!

The Cakewalk team kept it local and fun for Lia & Paul's engagement session. Starting with bright sun and ending with dancing in the rain. Enjoy their engagement set.

Julie & Victor - Love Through God

The foundation of Julie & Victor's love is in their devotion to God and family but their humour and great zest for life is purely their own. From forcing Victor to hike to Julie accepting spa day bromances. Julie & Victor's smile and positivity make this one of the best weddings Cakewalk had the privilege to be a part of. Click above for the amazing same day edit, and look below for the sneak peek and photo booth photos.

Lena & Lance - Canada's Gift of Love

When the team first met Lance & Lena it was over coffee at Phil & Sebastian. From there we also had an amazing day photographing their engagement throughout Calgary. As fate would have it, on their wedding day the storm clouds were brewing but just like Lena & Lance's love, the sun shined through and made for a spectacular day . Enjoy this amazing sneak peek and stay tuned for the video to come.

Monica & Raymond - Fly and Ride

The Cakewalk team has the opportunity to be a part of Monica & Raymond's big day. Make sure to save the date for June 18, 2017 at UBC Boat House. In the mean time enjoy their awesome engagement set.

Maral & Sam - Some How, Sam Passed The Test :)

Cakewalk Media originally met Maral when photographing her friend's wedding Hong & Tyler. Over the years we had kept in contact and Maral always mentioned she wanted Cakewalk Media to capture her special day. When Sam came into the picture our team at Cakewalk knew we had to pull out all the stops and make sure this was going to be a day to remember. Here is a sneak peek of Maral & Sam's big day at Capilano Golf & Country Club

Abigail & Patrik - #Happilyeverberecic

From long drives, to tight schedules, to worn out dance shoes we all came out a little tipsy but also filled with sound advice for a happy marriage. Cakewalk Media is so ecstatic we got to celebrate this awesome marriage of Abigail & Patrik. Enjoy this sneak peek and stay tuned for more.

Carolyn & Rikkie - #RIKROL2017

Live Stream #RIKROL2017

Shannon & Gabe - A+ for Love

Shannon and Gabe are both teachers that truly love what they do and most importantly love each other. The qualities that make teachers amazing like caring, authenticity, and kindness were also the qualities that brought these two pupils of love together. From their heartfelt vows and walking down the aisle barefoot, Shannon and Gabe get an A+ for fun as well! 

Courtney & David - When Love Meets Happiness

Courtney & David's whirlwind romance has no end in sight. Once David swept Courtney off her feet their lives went from single to now embarking on an adventure of love. Both Arinn and I (Youn) was fortunate enough to be a part of their great day in Laie Hawaii.