May & Kris - The Wind Won't Stop Us!

Lake Abraham Engagement

The Cakewalk Team was super lucky to have a bride and groom that have a sense of adventure and 2 wonderful dogs! May & Kris effortless smile and positive attitude made it so easy to see why they are meant for each other. With all the driving, the road closures and the hectic schedule all of us lucked out and had beautiful day on Lake Abraham.

Monica & Raymond - Fly and Ride

The Cakewalk team has the opportunity to be a part of Monica & Raymond's big day. Make sure to save the date for June 18, 2017 at UBC Boat House. In the mean time enjoy their awesome engagement set.

Carolyn & Rikkie - #RIKROL2017

Live Stream #RIKROL2017

Shannon & Gabe - A+ for Love

Shannon and Gabe are both teachers that truly love what they do and most importantly love each other. The qualities that make teachers amazing like caring, authenticity, and kindness were also the qualities that brought these two pupils of love together. From their heartfelt vows and walking down the aisle barefoot, Shannon and Gabe get an A+ for fun as well! 

Courtney & David - When Love Meets Happiness

Courtney & David's whirlwind romance has no end in sight. Once David swept Courtney off her feet their lives went from single to now embarking on an adventure of love. Both Arinn and I (Youn) was fortunate enough to be a part of their great day in Laie Hawaii.

Lauren & Dan - Foggy Morning, Chilly Evening.

Even with the first snow fall of the season, and the Stephen King-esc style foggy afternoon, nothing was going to stop these two warm-hearted Mavericks from getting married. It was such a great honour to have documented the marriage of Lauren and Dan. We learned so much about their family and friends during the morning getting-ready portion as well as meeting new friends. Here are some teaser photos to the wedding day. 

Maycm & Bilal - YYC meet YYZ

Maycm & Bilal are the type of bride and groom who worry about their guests first - from making sure everyone is stuffed with food, to high energy dancing,  Maycm & Bilal celebrated their joining with beauty and love all around them. 

Kathleen & Brian - 별에서 온 그대 ♥♥♥

Shanna & Steven - Just Can't Stop That Feeling!

Shanna & Steven are both friends of Cakewalk. We couldn't be more than thrilled to have documented their big celebration. The team went above and beyond the Call of Duty that day to document some of the most spectacular shots we have done to date. Please enjoy a teaser of their big day!

Cecily & Ryan - Boat House of Romance

The Cakewalk team was fortunate enough to be a part of Cecily and Ryan's great day. With the sun setting at the beautiful docks of UBC boat house and the delicious food of Savoury City the guest and family of Cecily and Ryan partied the night away with exuberant energy and excitement.  Enjoy this sneak peek and photo booth photos