Kristina & Anthony - A Pickup and My Girl

With the help of Raincouver and an amazing vintage truck we had a fun filled day of laughs, hip bumps and great smiles. Enjoy!

Caroline & Sebastien: We're Studying. Everyone Else: Yeah Right!!


From study sessions at UBC to a beautiful wedding at the same location. Caroline & Sebastien celebrated their love and laughter with friends and family. Thank you for letting Cakewalk Media capture your day!

Cho & Steven - From Cold Rain To White Sands

The Cakewalk team had the luck to photograph and capture the dream like day of Cho & Steven in beautiful Phuket Thailand. Here is a quick highlight video and photos for the day. YAY!

Stavroula & Colin - Flying High


Stavroula & Colin had a traditional Greek ceremony at the beautiful Sts Nicholas and Dimitrios but made an awesome, non-traditional, tornado of a landing at Westwood Plateau. Stavroula & Colin's love for each other showed, when both felt anxious just before the ceremony and both expressed how they could not wait to be beside each other. Stavroula & Colin complete each other and together they fly higher and build more than apart. Enjoy this sneak peek.

Bree & Jeremy - Enchanted Love

Bree & Jeremy knew their special day had to be something that was uniquely theirs. Both rolled up their sleeves with family and friends and created a venue that was a page out of a fairytale. From the location of Shady Acres in Pemberton to the candles illuminating the long table where some of the most amazing food from The Collective Kitchen was served, Bree & Jeremy's love, for family and friends was seen in every aspect of their day. Enjoy this sneak peek and stay tuned for the highlight video.