Ash & Pat's Love Adventure

When a special day like Ash & Pat's wedding day arrives, we at the Cakewalk team know we are in for a day full of smiles, excitement, and fun. Being a part of Ash & Pat's adventure has been an honour and a treat. Let's officially start the 2015 wedding season with this amazing sneak peek into the most amazing day in Pemberton, BC. 

Photo Credit: Alex & Youn

Engagement Photos

What can I say that isn't already obvious? Ashleigh's smile can light up the darkest room and Patrick's cool machismo makes all the ladies blush. Cakewalk's team was super fortunate to follow these two adventure seekers on their day though Vancouver's trendiest spots. Look out for these two love birds on May 9th, 2015 when they tie the knot in Pemberton.